Baseco Incremental Development: A housing development based on the Rising Core House concept. Incremental labor intensive shelter construction combined with home-based enterprises.


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Vertical Sidewalk - Medium Rise Building: This MRB can be built on small parcels of land in the city as small as 32 m x 12 m or 384 m2 lot. This building can have 24 dwelling units in the upper floors and 6 ground floor commercial spaces.

Its compact design will make it easy to find land in urban centers where they may be built. Land may be made available by the land donations of individuals or organizations, idle, underutilized, lands with delinquent tax payments, foreclosed properties, levied properties or properties with encumbrances are lands that may be acquired by National Government Agencies or Local Government Units.

Since the ground floor is a prime location, it can be leased out for commercial use at market rates. Earnings can be utilized to finance operations, fund projects or subsidize the housing units.